• Festro has alot of Tattoos on his back that are a snake on a dagger, a heart that says MOM, a picture of Gweelok with a banner around him that says "Love", and a sign that says "Insert Coin" with an arrow pointing down to his butt-crack. Although he has all of these Tatoos on his back. They are never shown anywhere else in the show.
  • Cyber festro is a clone of festro from the future. The only thing different is cyber festro is robotic battle tank But instead of strings of hair like festor he has strings of antennas And speaks in a mechanical voice. He has festro's initial on his chest. He also does not have any legs but instead of legs, He has wheels. Like cyber dingle he is a machine like battle tank and is equiped With laser cannos and can release pinkish purple laser beams
  • Like most main characters of TV shows, Festro does the most talking of all of the characters. Dingle does the least talking of the 5, however his voice actor is not neglected because he is the same person who voices Festro.
  • His white teeth are not seen when his mouth is shut.
  • He has had the most detailed close ups in the series so far. Most of them are from the episode "Stealing the Sun"
  • Festro has other personalities. There is Funstro, who is triggered by pulling out one of his tusks and then there is Fightstro, who is triggered by pulling out both his tusks.
  • As many of the main Disgustoids (expect Fart) are based on animals, Festro somewhat resembles that of a walrus mixed with an echidna.
  • He calls says "going boom boom" rather than "going to the bathroom"
  • In Nightmare Sauce, Festro does not like Mayo, but in 7,002 he does