Smfa slog 174x252
"Keep your hands off my odors!"
Gender: Male
Species: Sloth
Age: Adult
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
Personal Information
  Secret Mountain Fort Awesome
  The Fort
  Party Slog
Abs Guy
  The Humans (just the oppressive ones)
  Picking his nose
Collecting strange items
Hanging out with his bros
Being Filthy
  Getting Clean
Losing his bros
Being used
Momma Slog
Production Information
First Appearance:
Voiced by:
Steve Little

Slog is a short disgustoid with black fur covering his body and face. He has a large nose with peach colored flesh. He also has sharp teeth and eyes that are large with two red rings inside of it. He usually wears a stained orange shirt with no pants or shoes and has long yellow nails. He is voiced by Steve Little.


Slog is not well educated, making him more vulnerable to the other disgustoids manipulating or taking advantage of him. He's usually quick to follow along with whatever Festro tells him to do, though he sometimes questions the morality of the actions (IE in The Bet) and even tries to encourage Festro to do the right thing (IE in Secret Mountain Fart Awesome) even if that encouragement falls on deaf ears. He takes pride in being completely filthy and not taking a bath.

Despite not being the brightest bulb in the box, he has his moments where he is just as smart as everyone else in Secret Mountain Fort Awesome . A good example of this would be in Festro Gets Glasses where Slog insisted the correct answer to a "3 + 3 =" math problem was "6" to Festro, despite Festro not listening to him or the others. Another example of this would be in Funstro where Slog decides to take charge and develop a plan to get the old Festro back from his sadistic counterpart Funstro.

Slog also has alot more compassion than the rest of his fellow disgustoids. This can be shown in Gweelok Cracks. All the other disgustoids are wondering about broad topics or selfish needs, but Slog was concerned about Dingle being turned into a basketball. This can also be seen in The Broken Chair. While running around on fire, he stops mid scream to come up to the screen and warn children that he is a cartoon and fire doesn't actually hurt him, but the kids who are viewing the show are real and shouldn't ever play with fire. This also shows Slog constantly breaks the 4th wall. Another example of Slog breaking the 4th wall would be in Labyrinth when he acknowledges the fact that if Gweelok doesn't complete the maze in 10 minutes, him and the others will be stuck with the Troll King forever with commericials.

Party SlogEdit

Party Slog is his other personality which was seen in the episode Party Slog. This Slog is VERY destructive and has the ability to destroy worlds. Party Slog usually comes out when Slog is extremely bored and wants to party. The other disgustoids do not like Party Slog and will try to prevent him from coming out as much as possible.

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